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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Morning walk around

"Walking the Job"
I have found that the morning "walk the job" is a powerful tool for you tool kit, when was the last time you walked the floor? not just to the coffee machine or to your "mates " desk, this has been spoken about at length by the management gurus in there "walk the job management theories" they had some of it correct but it is not the panacea to all ills in the company , but it does help a lot:

Some of my thoughts on the matter:

  • Be prepared to give answers on the topical subjects/ questions that are being discussed in the organization,

  • Have a daily sound bite prepared, if it was a good day in making orders or shipments say it!!

  • Get to know the folk you will be talking to, show a personal interest, they work for you, you trust them, (book: The CEO and the Monk by R.B. Catell, Kenny Moore, and Glenn Rifkin )

  • If you are asked or you see something that needs to get fixed and you commit to doing it, treat it like you would if a customer had the same problem, get it fixed in a timely manner and make sure they know you got it fixed.

  • Be prepared to commit time to walking the job regularly, if you are just starting to, folk will want to talk with you, if you are going into an area where there is supervision, always talk to the supervisor first support his position there if you can.

  • Encourage informal exchanges with the folks, let them know you are interested in them as individuals, but also seed the exchanges with questions or information on the project at hand.

  • Enjoy yourself

When you walk and talk you will get a dose of reality this will help you to make better balanced choices, for you, your employees and company.



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