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Monday, June 18, 2007

Peak Performance and getting there in business or sport (1)

Peak Performance and getting there in business or sport

Peak Performance:
The early days of starting up a company require you and the team to be running at peak performance, there can be no poor performance from the team there is no room, it needs to be on it's best game. This is usually the norm for an early doors start up (MBO and MBI's are different beasts), the newness and excitement drive the team forward, they have clear goals and a strong supporting vision, but as the team grows this will start to fade a little and it will need a strategy from the founders to keep the team running at peak performance. I have a tried and tested model that you may help you with this..on the other hand it may not,

1. Mission, Values, and Pride

2. Process and Metrics

3. Entrepreneurial Spirit

4. Individual Achievement

5. Recognition and Celebration

These are five parts of a strategy which you can interlace together to build a strong model this can help to maintain the peak performance of the team. Think them through clearly and design them to support each other, this will strengthen the overall strategy. Let me know what you think and please contact me if you would like to discus this also I have had experience of implementing this strategy so if you need some help or advice..drop me a line.


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