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Friday, June 08, 2007

In the media this week

I was at a friends on Monday night, and he had the TV on watching "The Apprentice", and Sir Alan performing, he asked me if I liked the show, I had to be honest NO, it is nothing close to the real world, I do not now how it can be, Sir Alan is a rich man, but you have got to ask yourself if his employees really like him, he has made money and is loved by his share holders, but his approach to these kids is nothing but disgraceful. The same with "Dragons' Den", there may be some entrepreneurs who get some help, but they way the panel treat some of the investors is shocking, and I have to say that some of the entrepreneurs should never have left there day job. I wish the media would stop the so called "reality shows" and get back to good solid programming that is full of quality content and stop abusing the public for the public's entertainment. The are doing no end of harm to the start up community, and limited good.

The second thing that amazed me was the BP Vice president's motivational e-mail the was reported on by the media, motivating his team in Russia (I think not), if this is the best we can get from the mighty BP the we have real problems,BP used to be one of the organizations I looked up to , for long term strategic planning, and it's HR polices, but if this is the caliber of there best then how the mighty has fallen, come on get of your butt and go see the guys in the field and ask how you can help them out, not follow me or get out the way.

I hope you all have a great weekend...



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