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Monday, September 18, 2006

Why I like working for a start up early doors

"Travel to foreign parts"

I thought today I would go through some of my personal reasons for working with emerging companies.


You come to work because you love what you do, and you have a passion for the organization and people. There is no need to push people to work, only direct and plan. The effort level is beyond that of normal companies. I have worked with engineers into the wee small hours trying to fix equipment and processes, and then sharing a morning coffee with them only after a few hours sleep.


Work hard - play hard, you learn that life is to be enjoyed, whether you are putting together a 5 year plan or wind surfing of the coast of Madagascar , you spend more that 60hrs a week at work, you need to be able to enjoy the work and help others to as well.


I have travelled a lot with the different companies I have worked for and the buzz from stepping off a plane in a foreign country to meet people you have never met before is great. The experiences I have had are life changing , from a Chinese new year party as the guest of honour, playing guitar to 12,000 employees at there factory in Shenzhen, to nearly killing a cop in an unmarked care in the deepest darkest Ohio. I love making deals in these places; you are bring work to others and getting a good deal for your company.

So these are some of my personal reasons for working in early stage, emerging organizations. I read a book on the history of Attila the Hun, and how he selected his warriors to fight battles for him, he never sent a warrior to do something he would not have done himself, and he showed the warriors that they were doing something that had real value, if he would have done it then it was worth something. I am the same I had 30,000 days to play with and I have maybe 15,000 left if God is kind to me, I do not want to waste them on something that is not going to add value to me and humanity.



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