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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Learned behaviour...for the start up

Learned Behaviour

Things the Venture capatalist will never tell you ...because they don't know....

As a company goes through it’s phases of development, there are key triggers for each phase, these triggers are usually make or break events which cause a revolutionary change to the structure of the company, it could involve the change of leadership, or lose of founders. One area that needs to be managed through this period is the company culture, there will have been a lot time and effort spent in getting the company culture to where it is and you do not want to have it lost.

From early doors a kid will learn behaviour from it’s surroundings and the people it interacts with, good and bad, it is the same for a company and it’s employees, they learn how to behave from the leaders they interact with and observe and there surroundings. If you want the company to develop into a strong mature entity, you need to start teaching the expected behaviour from early doors. The smart company they makes sure that the teaching moves from the leadership but is moved out to team leaders , managers etc, and it starts to become distributed learning and distributed management, which is far stronger and will survive the phases of growth that your company will go through.



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