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Monday, July 31, 2006

You need the correct cup to sell your tea...

I was listening to a Pastor from India last week and he was presenting his work in India to the tribal folks...a good presentation and a good work...but what’s that to do with the tea and a cup and a start up .... well Brother Jacob...told a true story where he was handing out rice ,curry and tea...and he was wondering why the tea was not being drunk...and one off the elders came over and said your tea would taste better in my own cup...not one off your new strange cups.....so the next time he came along to pour tea..he told them to bring there own cups....

So what does this have to do with you and me....well when we go along to a new company and try to sell our technology...or service... we sometimes get the same response...we get a negative response ..and there are barriers to get over from the beginning...but if you have an internal sponsor helping you then it is far easier....there are many barriers already broken down...and your message goes across easier and faster....with less resistance....

Develop an internal sponsor.
Use any resource to make the contact.
In new countries look for an indigenous sponsor...well known and respected.
Develop within your company specific people to connect with there alternate reality in the target companies.
Make your offering as comfortable for the buyer as you can.



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