Thursday, January 28, 2010

An up todate “financial Indiana Jones" book review

I have met a few unique financial guys in my time, while killing time in airports, or at conferences, where there are always deal makers around, these guys when they talk with you , and start to expound on a deal or the making of a deal, you cannot help to get a tad excited about a possible new adventure. I once had an interview with the one of the senior guys from FOXCONN, it was for a role in the Czech republic, and jimmy asked me a few questions, then the next hour was spent with him telling me how set up the European operations, with only himself and an office admin, and very limited language skills, it was an adventure, and he was tempting me with similar adventures, the job never came to be at that time, but a door had been opened to a new area of exploration. At that time I was reading a book about early market development in China, I was preparing to spend a lot of time in China, it was called Mr China, and it portrayed an adventure in China of a group of financiers, well I have found another book that is as good as or even a tad better by Robert P Smith, he was called by Forbes the “financial Indiana Jones”, Robert was a debts trader in the emerging nations, he lived and worked in some of the words hot spots, both as a Government official and an entrepreneur, I would recommend this book , for anyone interested in finance and travel, it is well written and you will not get bored, it will also be a good read for someone who can never understand why you do what you do, have a platinum air miles card, and know smatterings of 12 or 13 languages, and your dinner talk is about high speed taxi journeys in lands that people did not know existed or care.

Book see below
Riches among the Ruins

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