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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Work ...life ..Balance...

I was driving home last night after dinner with a suppliers NPI team...it was a good meal served in a great location (www.champany.com) one off the best Scottish resturants ....I was driving over the local hills back home around 10pm when I looked back over to the River forth valley it looked amazing..the sky was clear and the smoke plumes from the refinary were hanging in the air in vertical stacks....the river was reflecting the last minutes off the sunset...and it was one off those moments that stirred you heart and mind....there is more than work to your life...I when was the last time you walked these hills and came home tired but happy...a long time

I find a new project can take over dangerously quickly and it becomes everything to you...it starts off as a friend in the bar...and ends up your lover....it invades all the areas off your life if you let it...my first company..had me dreaming off how to profile diffusion furnaces in my sleep...lol

I need to get balance and that balance only comes through discipline..I have got the Gym into to my routine now...and feeling the benefits....and now I need to look at how I can improve on the rest of the Work / Life balance....and answers on a postcard to : Me


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