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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Networking for Life

Networking for life

One of the key skills that anyone needs to develop but more so in the early stage company is the ability to network, no this can be online using one or two of the many online sites, I.e. linkedin, E-business, etc or real life networking events. This is a skill that needs to be learned, but some basic physical attributes need to be present , it is hard not impossible when you are shy to network...

Some key areas to help networking for real life meetings:

  • University Open days: This gives you the opportunity to talk to Academics and get to know what the latest research is going on also the ability to see the young academics who could be good hires for your company. I also find that the Universities have excellent facilities that you can avail yourself with at a far better cost than you would from a commercial lab.

  • Conferences and Exhibitions: This one is self explanatory , but I would add that you need to step out the box and attend other industry events as well, to cross pollinate your thinking

  • Training courses: You meet your peers or others with the same interest and can use these days as places to bounce your thinking and ideas

  • Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs: You find that” birds of a feather flock together” and that you get in areas of concentration of similar industries there will be natural tendencies for folk to group socially as well as in business

Keep your network active you never know when you may need to use if for assistance, and your networking is a two way process you have to “give to receive” or as the net workers say pay it forward. Your network can be your value it also can save your company, come and join me at one of my online networks and we can chat more..



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