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Monday, July 17, 2006

What is it that makes a start up so addictive...it's not the money...do the maths hours worked vs the rewards...who opens up and who closes up the site..if you are reading this it's probably you...you maybe lucky and get a quick winner....but you usually dont..the Dot coms and telecoms days are gone...I personally enjoy the challenge off getting a product out there and seeing it make a diference....like the wind up radio..or wind up torch....the portable water purification plants running off solar power and can supply a small village all its required clean water...also I enjoy the culture that devlops..I have been in some"sick" start ups but also been in some good ones..and the difference is in the way the leadership starts out....is there a common vison communicated that all can buy in to and do....do they run the company not the VC...do they actively nurture the culture and take corrective action when required to protect it....do they set goals and objectives and hold the folks accountable ....do they mentor ...coach ..train...prepare...starting a new company is not just about the technology / market....it's also about the means off how you deliver that vision...the people who are working for you...who are dependant on you for there means to live..pay bills...build there lifes....take time and think about how you want to be treated / rewarded in life and make sure your team is at least as well treated and managed.....there are many ways to do this but ...to build teams to support this way forward....but each situation is differnet....there is no set recipe...so take time in assemblying your team and let them get on with it....and have fun while doing it and make sure the team has fun as well...




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