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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There is a storm coming.....

We have a storm brewing....the lightening is dancing around me as I write this....and in the company there is a good thunderhead building ....we have a few dragons to kill..and we may not have the time and resource..also there is a warrior who does not have the appetite...if they engaged in trying to get the resources for the dragon slaying it may be terminal for them...so I have sympathy for him..but the thunder clouds have been gathering for a while...but there has been a lot off "HITS" and they are going to end up drowing themselves in the sand...was there a solution earlier to these dragons ?....well there is always a technical solution....but was there one that is commercial suitable....I always have thought in the past I would be able to do better..but I have not walked in his foot steps and been through his battles...so until I do..I can only watch and learn.... and to the best off my ability never be in those shoes....

as a side bar....how does your company deal with the storms...have you prepared them to weather them...I have a few tried and tested ways...
  • Honesty
  • Open and transparent communication (where legally possible)
  • Integrity
  • Vision and passion
  • Destroy the rose tinted shades
  • Always review where you and the company are going
  • Talk openly outside the boardroom to your investors

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1 comment:

M V Bhaskar said...

Hi Gordon

Nice Blog, pl keep up the good work.
I agree with you about the approach to weather storms. Openess is good, but often people feel you are being naive if you are too open, have you faced this problem?