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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

....the one thing that a new company does not have are plenty off resources..it must learn from an early stage to be frugal at the correct time..and to be lavish when it counts most....do you wine and dine your customers...only if you are close to a deal ...but do not go overboard...you want to set the scene as a good host but not one who is careless with there cash..The other area that is the manpower available...this is not a 9 to 5 role ....and that needs to be evident in the culture of the managment team and your senior engineering team...it is not about face time or desk time...it is about doing what it takes , whenever and wherever to get the task completed...be careful not to burn the team out but teach and coach them that when it counts you want to see them there ....I have had my 3 am mornings in the guts off evaporators holding the torch( we could not aford the lighting in the warehouse) while we play with the HV connections...or standing in PPE playing with a the gas system.... these are the events that help build the sub culture...hence lead to building a great team...one that is a pleasure to be around and work with...well the CEO is over from the US today ...so it will be a interesting few days...



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