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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Passion, Vision, Change and You

I have been immersed in thought for the last 4 months, been sifting through my thoughts, I am in the middle of a deal at present which is going in a different direction from what I want at this time in my life. I have been assessing what is important to me, health ? wealth ? my faith ?family ? and I am concerned that the changes I have went through in the last 15 years as an entrepreneur have subtle drifted me away from the things that are truly important to me, my Family and my Faith. I know that we need to earn our crust to make our way in this world, but at what expense. I am not here to preach but just to pose the question to those who drop by, What is important to you for the long run ? every bodies answer is different, and just as valid, but the life we live is our choice, and the result to the answer of the question, have you made the choice, or did you let situations around you make the choice for you.

I love work, I love to work with passionate people who have vision and commitment, the moments of "complete synergy" that take place, which confirm this is where you should be at this time, and for this time, are priceless; and they are addictive, like Crack. This is where you need to achieve the balance, between what is important for the long run, and not allowing these moments to dictate what is important. The good entrepreneur is an addict, who knows how to manage that.

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