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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dragon's Den or Dungeons and Dragons

Dragon's Den or Dungeons and Dragons

I have had look at some of the going on's with the new series of Dragon's Den on BBC, I did not think it could get worse, but they have surpassed themselves. I think this is a nice fantasy show, when I know serious entrepreneurs that are looking for investment, they would never get a look in on the series as they would be too smart, to well prepared, and the Dragons would not be able to rip them off. There maybe the odd good proposal but they will not get a reasonable chance to pitch it they can't entertain, I had a look at the offerings so far:

`Layline' - essentially a double bedsheet with a seam down the middle to tell your partner when he/she has trespassed into your personal bed space.

'D4M', four young women who supplied unique installations for events, such as a human table and a talking tree

'A' machine that turned air into water

'Saboteur'. a fake TV, which gives the impression that someone is home,

online diamond business called Diamond Geezer

edible greetings cards for dogs

These are the best deals that the BBC's program producers can bring to the table!!!, I think not, there is on average 100 business plans a week lands on a VC's desk, I am sure there is more value and return, but less entertainment with any of those deals than what we are "entertained" with on on the Den.

Total cash offered £330k on the last show across 4 dragon's, £82k each, two deals

Funding being asked for £814k across 4 deals

So there is money to be gained, but only as a last resort and not for serious entrepreneurs, when you look for money for your deal try some Angel's before you go for a Dragon.

If you like some light relief then tune into http://www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsden/, but take all as a pinch of salt don't let the program put you off trying to realize your dream, it's actually a lot harder.

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