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Friday, February 29, 2008

Suppliers and relationships

I was in Oslo this week to meet with one of our strategic suppliers, this was our first face to face meeting, so it was a bit of getting to know each other and feeling each other out, it was an interesting visit. The key things I want to bring out was that they were open and transparent, they did not waste time in getting to the crux off the matter and they were interested in how they could help us get better pricing and product. The were open on how they could save us money and how it helped them as well in there business,they were honest on there capabilities not over stating there position. I wish more companies would take up this model as it would make there business life more "profitable". They went out there way to make our trip as productive and hassle free as possible, with assistance on local travel etc...yes if we sign a deal it will be a multi-million dollar contract, but it goes to show that " Nice guys2 in business have there place, and I would rather be known as a Nice guy than the opposite, at least I can look in the mirror every morning and I am happy with what I see.

I have been reading a book by Mark Stevens called God is a Salesman, it is a good read, even if you are not a religious type, the key take away was:

  • Treat your Customers as part of the Family

  • Share your Customers Vision

  • People by trust before the buy products

  • Make Guarantees and stand by them

  • It's not the product that sells it's the provider

  • Listen a lot and speak little

  • You should never need to hold a sale

  • It is you that is the sells product not the Laptop/power point presentation



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