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Friday, January 11, 2008

There is no quick fix in business

There is no Quick fix in business:

I am working through some challenges at work at present , and on my way in to work this morning it was crystal clear to me , we live in an age that we want everything now, the "instant generation", fast food, fast coffee, fast service, super fast broadband, instant messaging, we want instant fixes to everything. As I was driving back from the doctors, and mulling through how the years off working in high stress jobs as the doctors sees it, have taken a toll on my body, also I was thinking about diets and wouldn't it be nice to have an instant diet or something to help loose weight faster etc etc, and there are pills, potions and smell things that can help but they usually have side effects, and it came to me we people expect the same when they are in business. There is no substitute to hard work, and quick fixes in business will have side effects.



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