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Monday, January 21, 2008

A new start up company "WearMoneyNow.Com"

I would like to start a business , but where do I get the ideas ?

I have been asked many times about where can I get a good idea for a business, I have to admit, if I have a great Idea for a new business I probably wouldn't be trying to help start this one I am with at present. If you have the same problem as me then have a look at these site from time to time and see if it can stimulate your creative juices http://www.trendhunter.com/ & http://www.trendcandy.com/ , this would also be a good place to get your company noticed also, it's viral marketing at it's best. I have a friend who has a novel company and I thought it may get your creative juices flowing and get thinking out of the box, please have a look at her company.

Farrah Grant owner of WearMoneyNow.com

Farrah Grant, owner of WearMoneyNow.Com, is a young entrepreneur who brings fresh, unique fashion accessories to the world with her exotic designs. She specializes in creating exclusive pieces to give each of her customers a sense of individuality in style.

Farrah is no stranger to the fashion world. Prior to establishing Wear Money Now, she spent over 5 years in international trade, providing custom-made apparel and fashion accessories, world-wide. In addition to international trade, Farrah also has experience in various aspects of e-commerce, such as sourcing/consulting, sales and general business enterprise.

After a successful career in e-commerce, she continues to expand, with the development of Wear Money Now accessories into the global market. Today, Farrah offers a wide range of distinctive fashion accessories at WearMoneyNow.Com, to the general public and retailers.

To contact Farrah Grant, please email: farrahdgrant@lycos.com or visit www.wearmoneynow.com

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