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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New year to one and all

I hope you had a good break over Christmas and New year....I did, both in the Body and the Mind ....But I must admit, I am back at my desk with a little less passion than I had before the holidays about this project...but I need to give it 100% for a while to see where this goes....part of me gets excited about the prospects for this business, but I just do not feel the "flow" developing.... and it's when I experience that I know that I am in the correct place......at the correct time...

So I thought I give you some material to think about...I miss teaching...these would be excellent case studies for class..they are short videos on successful entrepreneurs:

Smart Strategy:
How do you make money despite a down market?

Eric Fleiss knows. As a partner at Regent Properties he's not just an opportunist, but a strategist, taking a long-term look at the housing market. It's a game that Regent knows well, having been around for 20 years and acquired, developed and financed more than $1 billion in real estate transactions. Here, Fleiss talks about making deals in local markets, hiring the best team and planning for the long haul

Design to Distribution:
How does a small apron business with an even smaller profit margin soar to the forefront of high-end denim design, manufacturing and distribution?

Ask Marc Crossman, CEO of Joe's Jeans, who transformed this small shop into a world class denim company, distributing high-end product to the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Crossman speaks about the value of taking chances with new products, category expansion and why one should never underestimate the intelligence of a discerning consumer.


The Entrepreneur's Secrets to Success:
Ingrid Vanderveldt is an expert in entrepreneurship.

Through her Entrepreneurial Blueprint, she's helped many businesspeople network and find their strategy. She's also been the host of CNBC's "American Made," an interview series with business icons. Here Vanderveldt talks about the common traits she see in all success stories: passion, commitment, and persistence.



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