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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Entrepreneurs Mindset some thoughts

Entrepreneurs Mindset

Some thoughts for your perusal

As I was driving back from our meeting with our financial investors and possible lead investor, I had a few thoughts on what characteristics makes a "Good" Entrepreneur, I have listed them below:

Honesty: with your self , your employees and your investors.
Simplicity: don't make things to difficult
Listener: Listen to others, listen to yourself
Passion: I had a post along while ago on good food....and mentioned that you know when a cook is passionate about what they do, you can taste the difference, same in business
Determination: I watched my two budgies last night and when they set about a task, they go at it for hours, just picking away at it, they may sleep but the next morning they are back at it. The same for your business
Communicator: goes without saying, but most folk miss that they will need to communicate there passion and vision to others and get there buy in
Questionnaire: No one else will ask the hard questions for a while until you train your team to
Practical: Physically and mentally, this is the real world, and real peoples lives you are messing around.

Fair and hard: To everyone

Have a think about what makes you good at what you do and drop me a line....Would be good to hear about it.



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