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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Day two at Semicon Japan 2007, From the desk of etc etc....

I can just see the outline of Mt Fuji from my hotel room window, I am on the 17th floor, you can just see it peak up over the far side of Tokyo Bay, it just breaks out into the skyline, showing off it's new white coat, from the base smog that is always present around Tokyo and the suburbs , just like Phoeniz, Az.

Mt Fuji. is mentioned in Japanese literature throughout the ages, Mt. Fuji also houses a warrior tradition: ancient samurai used the base of the mountain as a remote training area, near the present day town of Gotemba. As of 2005, the Japan Self-Defence Forces and the United States Marine Corps operate military bases near Mount Fuji, this mountain is a symbol of tradition and culture in this country, but it is a country that has lost it's way forward, it still has a strong technological base and workforce, but it does not have the entrepreneurial heart that China , India or other South Asia countries and it is showing. I spent a while here when I worked out here, and I was struck by the drive of the people to loose there culture and pick up the trappings of the west, specifically the USA, I now see a passion for all things old European, why does a country with such a strong culture, want to loose it, you can walk down any mall here and you would think you were back in a large city mall of the USA. This is a country that does not take risks, entrepreneur be aware.

So I hear you say, so what's this to do with starting up, well I would like to suggest that you don't try and break into this market with your product until you are a strong established business, and don't expect the 800lb equipment / material suppliers to work with you and your requirements, they do not understand the entrepreneurial model. I was surprised to see as I walked around the exhibitors, the lack of start ups here, not like other industries where distance was never a problem, the only country that has supported it's business community other than the host country is Germany, no UK support. I think that says it all, we have given up trying to penetrate the Japanese market.

I suggest that if you still want to enter this world, get yourself a partner, a Japanese partner, representative/distributor, not cheap, can cost £5k to £10k a month, but it is one way that you will quickly know if there is an interest in your business.


this was sent to me from my mate Bob, enjoy..some light Entrepreneurial fun

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