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Monday, December 17, 2007

Customer service....a Profit centre

Music, money and customers:

Well I hope you all had a great weekend, and have got most of the Christmas shopping behind you now, and it's just the matter of one or two last few pressies to buy. I was at the church Christmas party on Saturday (http://www.newlife-morpeth.org.uk/) and played guitar to help my mate Mike, as he sung a a few songs for his wife....all in good fun...and I love to play guitar ...and even better when in a band...you get an amazing magic developing around you, it can be the same in the management team of a start up, if the correct chemistry is there. I have a passion to start a small recording studio, even manage a few bands, help them get started, not for any glory but for the music and for God.

I love music, specifically I love Celtic folk music, progressive and traditional, and at the weekend, Candyrat ( www.candyrat.com) an online folk music retailer, that supports some of the best folk music around, sent there newsletter, I saw some new music releases and listened to a few samples, and thought, yes, I need to get some of that music for my next big trip, my recipe for long haul flights (35K since September- coach) is to have a few glasses of wine, put on my Bose headphones and hit play on my sony MP3, and the time flys in. I bought the two albums and started to download.....and thought crap what is this..23k to 11k download..3hrs to download an album...and thought there server is crap...so I launched an email out to them..and being a tad annoyed...it was not a "lovefest" type of email...but I got a pleasant reply from "Holly" saying they reset the downloads and hope it all works out for me the next time. I thought..that was well handled...it took the sting out off wrt the crap download speed and other associated problems. I tried the downloads again and still the same crap download performance, but this time I checked http://www.virgin.net/ my ISP and found that they were having "problems", no date to when it would all be fixed, just sorry but "suck it in mate", so the problem was not Candyrat's at all (by the looks of things)...I still showed a good healthy 7MEG connection on the router, but it was further up the line that the problem was. So I had to contact Candyrat and ask if they would reset again, they were within there rights not to but they did and and "Holly" sent back a nice email...so I still do not have the downloads...I will try again this evening ...and who knows....( PS not the first time I have downloaded music) I may get lucky....

The Summary:

Two companies, Candyrat and Virgin, who do I like most , well Candyrat, why?..they have good customer support, are there things they could do better ? yes, but we all can, even though I still do not have my music :( . I don't like Virgin, but it serves a purpose, and I will change ISP soon, there arrogance is sickening and poor customer service just turns you off, ( Northern Rock look out, Richard Branson, needs to look at the empire, it's going the same way as another great british Empire). These two companies are online retailers, so it's apples to apples comparison, and I would suggest that if you like music, then go check these guys out, and at least if the download does not work, you will get an answer. I would also say, make sure your customers get the support they deserve, even if they are a mouthy customer like me....

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