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Friday, October 19, 2007

Tool for the tool box

This is from the one of the big 4 consultants, I have worked with a few of these guys and they are interesting, but in all of the tools I have posted on,the bottom line is execution, at the correct time, McKinsey 7S Framework is a framework that is used to solve organizational problems and strategy implementation.

The framework consists of the following elements:
Superordinate Goals (Shared value)


Shared Value: The interconnecting center of McKinsey's model is: Shared Values. What does the organization stands for and what it believes in. Central beliefs and attitudes.
Strategy Plans for the allocation of a firms scarce resources, over time, to reach identified goals. Environment, competition, customers.

Structure The way the organization's units relate to each other: centralized, functional divisions (top-down); decentralized (the trend in larger organizations); matrix, network, holding, etc.
System The procedures, processes and routines that characterize how important work is to be done: financial systems; hiring, promotion and performance appraisal systems; information systems.
Staff Numbers and types of personnel within the organization.
Style Cultural style of the organization and how key managers behave in achieving the organization’s goals.
Skill Distinctive capabilities of personnel or of the organization as a whole.

Strategy Implementation
The value of the 7S framework is that it can be used for "judging the doability of strategies." When new strategies are being implemented, the manager should examine and coordinate these seven elements, such that all elements can work together instead of being a burden of strategy

Slainte Gordon
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