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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to keep fit and kill dragons

The Formula for Sustainable Success in Life, Leadership and Work- VPPVG

Vision: The external stuff. Sometimes our vision is clouded by the desires of others, sometimes our vision is clouded by false core beliefs that are the reflection of things we were told to believe about life, about work, about ourselves. But, the truth is that we cannot start to WIN the race with wolves, we cannot start to really create a roadmap that will help us engage our potential to achieve greater success and fulfillment in our lives and our work with out a clear vision of what we really seek. And, this clear vision cannot be the vision of those who love us, those who mentor us, those we work for, our parents, teachers, authority figures, spouses or partners. A clear vision is our own personal vision of what we truly want to achieve in life and work.
Purpose: The internal and eternal flame.It is a known fact that most people spend more time deciding on which movies to go to than really thinking about their life purpose. Your purpose counts, my purpose counts and when we lose sight of our purpose we lose our anchor. And, if we do not tap into our purpose we float. Floating can be okay, we can even float to success. But, floating never allows ones to really live life with true and sustainable gusto, it never allows that feeling of true peace of mind, self love or satisfaction because we are floating waiting to see which way the current will turn, searching for an anchor that is not our own.

Passion: Ah, yes the flame behind your true purpose. The things that you do that really make you feel at one with the universe, enabled, empowered, engaged, valuable. Passion drives our best thoughts, best actions, best leadership, best work, and best relationships. After our survival needs have been met, all human beings share the desire to feel valued, loved worthwhile. It is this desire, and our intrinsic strengths, talents and spiritual strength that create positive passion. Finding out what our true passion is, determining what it is that makes us feel valued, loved, worthwhile in our lives and work is important, if not critical.

Values: We all have values that help form our map of the world. Values that tell us what is right, what is wrong. Values that determine how we speak, act and the boundaries we set up in our interactions and relationships with others. When our core values our out of sync we feel is disconnection with our true self. When you values are not lived in our relationships and in our work there is a conflict that is growing. The lives we lead, the relationship we build, the work we do must be in alignment with our values. And, if it is not we will never achieve the success and happiness we seek because this misalignment of values will create an inner conflict that insidiously threatens, erodes or destroys our passion, purpose and potential.

Goals: Not rocket science, but most of us are so busy, so caught up in what we need to do, should do, and have to do that we forget about our goals. While many of us have read that people who set their goals, people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them, actually taking the time to do this requires commitment and effort. And, in the heat of arguments, or when we are under stress our true goals and objectives can almost disappear from our consciousness. In the daily bump and grind of life and career it takes discipline and practice to really reflect upon our true goals. Goals that you need to embrace, read/tell to yourself and internalize on a regular basis so that they become real. Goals that reflect: Your vision, purpose, passion and values.

How you start to engage your VPPVG? The first place is with desire. No one can do it for you. Once you have the desire, the opportunity to find a coach, professional or friend who will help you really understand and engage VPPVG will present itself. The second place is fighting the fear factor. Yes, we all have an innate fear of change, many of us are uncomfortable asking for help. And, sometimes making a decision, even a positive decision to win the war with wolves is scary, and our fear factor can keep us stuck in stasis The third place is moving from thinking to doing.The best laid plans of mice and men are irrelevant if our ideas, our thoughts, our desires are not actualized. Having the desire to win the race with wolves by developing you VPPVG is the start, but taking making this desire actionable is the solution.

By Irene Rivka Becker, Chief Success Officer
Just Coach It



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