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Friday, September 21, 2007

Spider's web's and Tapestry

"Spider's webs" and the "Tapestry of life"

When you start a large project you will find in the early days that you have a lot of activities ongoing, some that don't look like they are directly connected, or are not going in the correct direction that you want them to go, you do not feel things are coming together as you would like, don't panic, that is a normal feeling. I remember when my dad died, an old preacher talked to me about the tapestry of life , and how when you are face deep in things, you cannot see the beauty of the creation around you and understand why things happen, there just seams to be a jumble of threads, that can be the same in work, you need to take the step back to review and observe everything that is ongoing, look from a different perspective, bounce things of a friend who is not directly connected to the project and listen to there thoughts, and then take time to yourself and lie back in the grass and think things through, thread by thread. The project is running in a dynamic world, even when you started out, with the first word spoken to another the project had taken on a life of it's own, be aware of that, events, people, resources, competition, all can have an impact on the project that you have started, be fluid to a point.

If you have set out with a strong achievable vision of what it is you want to achieve, and bring that vision into all that you do, the threads will slowly come together for you. How many times have you looked at a spiders web and wondered how ever did the spider spin it's web in that location, with determination of completing it's vision, perseverance on it's task's, practice of it's skills, and never loosing the vision and picture of the Web that in in it's mind.

So when it all looks like you are being buried in a pile of threads, step back review, think, share and then come back with your vision and move forward, it is your tapestry, you are the only one who can bring it all together, don't let the vision slip.



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