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Friday, September 28, 2007

Maps,Routes and things you find along the way

Maps and Routes:

On your way to your work place, that's if you don't work from home that is, you would travel along a well known route, you would take one of the many methods of travel, mechanical or physical, you would pass sign posts, people, buildings, the same things day in day out, maybe even the same conversation when you get your Americana with an extra shot sans milk. So whats the point to this, well I am sure you enter the company and it's the same there, you see the same picture, and react the same way, and maybe you are accustomed to what you see and hear, similar to your journey to work, well you are missing the best part of work, interaction with your own people. I have found by experience, that what makes work enjoyable is the interaction with my people and helping them develop and perform at there best, I hear and see what is going on in the company, I try to be aware of how people are feeling about the progress we are making and the challenges that are ahead, this allows you to gauge how effect you and your management team are. How many times have you left some small irritating illness alone and not bothered getting it seen to by a professional, I was in the outback this year up in Western Australia on the dampier peninsula on cable beach, where I was bitten, I saw the where the blood had been drawn but ignored it, a day later I was in bed with a fever that lasted 2 days, that was back in May, I still have an infection that is being treated by the doctor. The point is make it a point on the "to do" list to spend time with your people each day, walk the floor and listen, explore there ideas and plans, and you will be investing in the future of you and your company. You can map a good route, you can make the world's best road map, but it is the people along the way that will help you to get there, so watch, look and listen.



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