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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back from my travels for a while

I am just back from my travels all business, 18 flights in the last 18 days, 7 time zones crossed and recrossed, had breakfast in LA, lunch in Dallas, breakfast and lunch North Carolina, and lunch in Zurich, with a stop over in Milan for three days to start it all off. I found a link to a blog by Ken Crawford, http://theleadershipexperience.blogspot.com/2007/09/travelling-abroad.html, which gives some tips on travel abroad, I would add to them with one important addition, planes follow there own schedule not yours ?give your self plenty of time for connections, and review your airports, take a smallish airport Zurich, you would think that you had plenty of time to get to a gate there, until you find that you have to take a train to your gate.

I am was in Zurich yesterday at the European Energy Venture Fair (http://www.energyvcfair.com/ )

which is organised by Emerald ventures, I was pitching my company there, we landed some interested parties and now just need to follow up with them, some times things happen for you without you doing to much but most of the time you have to make them happen, like taking the chance to share a taxi to the airport with an interested VC...30mins of quality discussion ..you don't get that much time these days with the venture capital folks, to have an open and frank discussion about your proposal. The take away from yesterdays events that I want to share with you, that if you wait to your fully ready to go for financing ,you Will never be ready, until you are out and pitching you do not really know what the investment community thinks of your business model or your proposal, you need that interaction with your target group to refine your offering.

Well hope you have a good week, talk soon



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