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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The three C's in the start up equation part II

The three C's in the start up equation part II


"Communication is a process that allows beings - in particular humans - to exchange information by several methods. Communication requires that some kinds of symbols from a kind of language are exchanged. There are auditory means, such as speaking or singing, and nonverbal, physical means, such as body language, sign language, paralanguage, touch or eye contact."

Communication is not just standing up at an all hands meeting and talking the talk...you are only using maybe two of the basic methods of communication visual and auditory, in this day and age of multi media progress, we need to learn to use the all the tools in the box if we want to communicate effectively, you want your communication to be a like a "stone dropping in a pond"...and rippling out all around and having an impact on not just those who are present but also those who are not.

Since the beginning of time, the need to communicate emerges from a set of universal questions: Who am I? Who needs to know? Why do they need to know? How will they find out? How do I want them to respond? Individuals, communities, and organizations express their individuality through their identity. On the continuum from the cave paintings at Lascaux to digital messages transmitted via satellite, humanity continues to create an infinite sensory palette of visual and verbal expression. There needs to be structure to the message that you want to communicate to the company, the old saying "never say anything in haste or anger" applies to the communication to large groups, there is the odd occasion where you may slip and communicate a wrong message to a small group, but damage limitation would be easier, always "think before you speak" to large gatherings of the company. More on this subject and the importance of getting it correct can be found in two books, "Playing God" by Charles Mee , and "Five Epochs of Civilization" by William McGaughey.

As your company grows you need always been in control of the communication channels, be aware of the rumor mill, the Chinese whisper, negative sub culture chatter, it is important to always have positive communication, as we will see tomorrow you need to have strong communication channels that you control, to enable good control of the company.

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