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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pick your own Dream team..

I wrote a few days ago about building you managment team, and spoke about the "Dream Team" I asked the question on http://www.linkedin.com/ and here were some of the answers, but I start with the question:

Question Details:--------------------Pick your dream team

You are starting a new company, here is your chance to pick your dream management team, your position is founder. Please choose 5 key traits that you would look for in the team ?

and if you like...pick some names from history that you would like on your team?

I.e. Attila the Hun- Chief Operations Officer

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Dream Team:

1 - a visionary - possible candidates from history: Leonardo da Vinci or Martin Luther King, else Richard Branson

2 - a leader - from history: Julius Caesar or Che Guevara, else Steven Jobs

3 - an implementer - Janet Holmes

4 - an infrastructure builder/supporter - Albert Einstein or Galileo Galilei, else Randice-Lisa Altschul

5 - a team of people who are smarter than I, to pull it all together and making it a reality


Dream Business team ?

Need a great organiser - A real completer/finisher

A visionary - someone who can re invent or opportunity spot

A commercial/pragmatic finance expert

A strong technical or operating person

A charismatic sales dynamo.

Historic team:

Octavia Hill - Great Campaigner and brilliant at "getting stuff done"

Jules Verne or Ray Bradbury - both excellent at foward thinking/creative

Keynes - reliable finance guy - if the business fails he could make it all back on stock gambles ! Mr Spock or possibly Scotty ? (Scotty would cost more in Whisky but probably more fun to be around)

Del Boy - the ultimate sales guy !


First the attributes which I look for each team member as founder of organization will be like this:-

ANGER - Must know how to control his/her anger and must be down to earth.

MISTAKES - Knows to commit mistakes and learn from those mistakes. If a person doesn't do mistakes how will he learn & take positive step in near future if he/she encounter the same. AFFECTION - He needs to be affectionate and be a good Human Being. Not like a person who believes in dodging his team member's for his personal growth.

TRUST - Every person needs to be trusted. He/she must have a strong charcter & moral values so that he/she can be trusted and in whole the team can trust on every one to give a better output from every individual.

CARING - Caring is also to be like affectioante. He/she needs to have care for every team member's views & thoughts.

PARTICIPATION - Active participation of every team member. The team member's need to be multi skilled & multi dimensional. They need to know every in & out of other member's job responsibilites which will give them an insight of every member's job role. It will make them understandble how tough is other's job.

HELPING OTHERS GROW - If everyone is having this attitude it will result in growth of every individual, together and thus the organizational growth.

COOPERATION - No one is perfect in this world & for learning we need co-operation from every individual whom we met in this world. Co-operation among team member's will help them nurture & make the whole work process smoother.

Now the great people whom I want to add in my team will be:-

1) Dhirubhai Ambani - Founder of Reliance Group

2) Lee Ioccoca - Ex President of Ford & person responsible for bringing out Crysler Corporation from bankruptcy.

3)Bill Gates - Every one knows of Bill Gate why?

4) Google Co-founder - Larry Page & Sergey Brin, because they believe in helping community and to offer as much as possible free services to the whole community.


Here is my history's dream team:

CEO: Socrates (Philosopher, the mind behind modern times "induction method", ca. 400 BC) - Vision, team leader, communication skills, motivator

COO: Juan Sebastián Elcano (Navy Captain, first circumnavigation of the Earth in 1522 AC) - strategy and organization

CTO: Karl Gauss (Mathematician, wrote "Fundamental Theorem of Algebra" in 1799 AC) - technical skills and out-of-this-world innovation

CFO: Qin Shi Huangdi (First Chinese Emperor, unified China in 221 BC) - economical skills, globalist, parnerships

CIO: Trajan (Roman emperor, largest expansion of the empire in 27 BC) - achiever, pragmatic, charismatic

Now all I need is a time machine :)


Now this was part fun part serious, but when you start out to build your company, think about who you want to build it with.



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