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Monday, August 06, 2007

Leading and Motivatiing your team

Team-building is a good way to motivate individuals. If you can get everyone in your business to feel part of a team, you'll get more out of them.
Teams build motivation in people because of a number of factors:
There's a social aspect - it's more enjoyable working with others than in isolation.
Teams stimulate innovation - interaction between team members throws up new ideas for solving problems. People will feel loyalty to the team, and not want to let others down.
The competitive element in individual team members drives performance.
A sense of belonging makes people feel they're valued and builds motivation.
You need to be able to facilitate team working. This can involve:
Setting out a vision - restating the business's purpose and aims, then asking what changes staff feel should be made to meet their own needs and customer needs. Uniting people - for instance, you might assign a challenging task to a team of employees and ask for a solution. Ask everyone to contribute and publicly recognise their efforts afterwards.
Empowering people - allocating resources to the team to get the job done. Intervene when needed to teach skills and help the team solve problems. Provide specialist help, training and literature where needed. Encouraging debate - get the team to discuss how best to achieve the task. Ensure everyone feels able to voice an opinion, no matter what their role in the business.
Reflecting afterwards - gather the team's opinions on how well all the above worked, and use this to plan

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Anonymous said...

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Enjoy, -Seth