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Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to loose your customers......By V*d*ph*ne

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Well yesterday I had an object lesson on how to loose your customers, it took the form of a dialogue between two of the employees of vodaphone and myself.


Me, the customer, has a problem with his voice mail, have had problems with the aforementioned service for months, periodically I get a call from my friends by the way your VM is not working, I have had recruiters e-mail me, could not get in touch your phone kept ringing out, I even checked the function of my own VM by calling myself..left a message and never got the message. There for I diagnosed I had a problem, in fact two problems, if I was a guy who believed in conspiracy theories, then I would think that the problem had been morphed from the does not work totally problem to, ha ha you think it works, but it doesn't, but if you don't check to see if it is working, you can't complain. The big problem was I had my last company use Vodaphone, and we had the same problems, I pulled the contract, I could not have the sales team miss calls or VM, it would cost money and image, so we moved them to another suppliers, it was just like a breath of pure fresh air.


After 25mins on the phone, of my time, I did not get an answer, well I did and it was not the same answer I had a month ago, or even the month before that, in the end I was told to switch the VM off, and back on, and then set up the function to pick up my VM from a land line. I thought the point of having VM on my mobile was so that I could pick it up from my mobile. The tech support guy, did not give me a easy access number to call if it did not work to get back in touch, and he said there was nothing much else he could do, i.e take it or leave it.


Well enough said, once the contract runs out , I will be looking for a deal that will bring a breath of fresh air, so I can leave the stale smell of V*d*ph*n* behind. So the lesson from this was that if you want to keep your customers, be honest, try your best to give an answer, and if you for see a problem for the customer, then let them know, they will appreciate it, and maybe even recommend you to someone else. Customer service is the heart of the business, keep it healthy.



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