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Friday, August 24, 2007

"A few good men and women required"

I am coming to the end of my third week here at the new gig, been an interesting time, I have been getting some of the foundations laid for the next few months of work ahead, hopefully we will be pitching for cash at the end off September at the European Energy Venture Fair, we should know by the end of next week where we are with that.

I am at present looking for a few good men and women, who I will need over the next 6 months, I am intending to bring together a world class team, by that I mean the best that I can find, that meet my criteria:

  • Honest and Trust worthy: I can't trust a person then they are out, I do not want to have a team with hidden agendas, or kingdom building.

  • People leaders: I need a team of people leaders, what we are going to do here will be breath taking and an amazing journey, but also down right hard work like you have never known

  • Techies: To succeed at this gig, there needs to be a high level of innovation and creativity, basically I need a few good magicians, in all areas of the business, from process development, equipment engineering, to finance and supply chain.

  • Track record: They need to show a track record of hard work and dedication, they need to be known for it in there field.

  • Passionate: Passion brings energy and life, that is one of my must have ingredients for the team members.

  • Commitment: That they be committed to there work, there fellow workers and there personal life, Balance is a must.

  • Flexible: In this gig there will be many times we are not playing to our own song, and that means being used getting our hands dirty and doing what it takes.

If this strikes a cord, and you want to be part of the gig, let me know....we are building a PV solar cell manufacturing company.



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