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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blessed are the people of your business

In all businesses the people are the most important asset !!!, how often have you heard that from the HR professional,the Management Guru or the CEO, but you don't see the proof. Well now you are running your own company, you have a 100 things processing in your mind as you walk from the coffee machine, and you walk pass the new engineer without a second glance because you are not there, you are in the boardroom, or customer review meeting, STOP, what impression have you left with that individual, good or bad, motivated or not. I suggest that you take sometime today, and think about your people,when did you last talk to the team informally, is the company set up in such away that it is easy to communicate easy, open plan offices, space to sit with your coffee and chat, are you available sometime of your day for people to walk up and ask questions ? Some of my best memories of work have been of informal chats with the folk I have worked with and for, just think, some of the people that work for you actually like you and your company, that is mind blowing, and they will work there butt off to make it a success, what are you doing for them, and it does not need to cost money, just time and effort. You will need extreme effort from your people, they will give it to you if they think you are worthy of it, blessed are a the people.



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