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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Route master,Master Map maker, Resource finder

Three key roles in any Technology based company

Companies require an objective, a way to get there, someone to lead them along the road, a map or roadmap to get to there objective and the provisions(resources) to get there. I have take some liberty in titles and decided to swap names from today's terminology and define them in "Ye Olde World" terms.

Master Map Maker aka: CTO

This function defines the Technology that a company will follow, whether it is a service provider or product based organization, the technology road map it a critical tool to lay out the map by which the company is going to achieve it's goals, time needs to be taken to look at the various scenarios when laying out the road map, this will drive the other two roles.

Route Master aka: COO

The role here is to execute on the road map, making sure that all the required resources are in place or will be when they are required, scoping ahead and checking that the route chosen is the correct one, keeping an eye on market conditions and competitor intelligence. The route master will define the rate of progress and develop the infrastructure to make sure it all happens.

Resource Finder aka: CEO / CFO

All the above will take resource, this needs to be matched to the two functions already discussed,there needs to be a a good look at where the resource will come from, VC cash, Bank, debt, or the other forms of funding that is now emerging, there are many routes to the cash, all at a different cost.

This is a shallow introduction these roles but I would suggest you explore them further, I am not saying we model a company on these old world job job titles, but they do bring some light to this part of the business organization.



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