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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New beginnings, setting out on a road well travelled

I am moving on from my present company to join a start up in the renewable energies industry, this is an area that I have had interest in for a while. I spent part of last year in New Zealand looking at one of these projects, the inventor Joe Waite was a passionate man, a 70 year old gold miner who had his eureka moment underground in a deep mine in the pitch black (Ideas are no respecters of place or time), the invention was sound, but was too far from being a business at the time and there was no way I could get a visa from the New Zealand immigration services to move and take up the role, there is a stereotype for immigration to New Zealand and I did not fit. I am going to work for a Solar cell (Photovoltaic) start up, which will be a true adventure, and will be fun. The organisation that I will be working with is http://www.narec.co.uk/, The new and renewable energies center in Blyth, and Sigma Ventures from Edinburgh, I will be starting on this project end of July, so it is a busy time wrapping up here and getting things in place for the move, I was running a forum on http://www.linkedin.com/, and had asked the question what does the word synchronicity make you think off, feel, well this move has synchronicity marked all over it and my God's. I found the link below from the TED talks, the only link to the video I could find was on YouTube so if you watch one YouTube video this year, this should be the one. It’s a 20 minute time investment that is worthwhile. John Doerr, a principal at Kleiner Perkins was videotaped giving this talk at the TED Conference last year.If you want to know why I want to be engaged in this space, watch the video, Doerr states the case clearly and with passion.
"I don't think we're going to make it," John Doerr proclaims, in an emotional talk about climate change and investment. Spurred on by his daughter, who demanded he fix the mess the world is heading for, he and his partners at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers embarked on a greentech world tour -- surveying the state of the art, from the ethanol revolution in Brazil to Wal-mart's (!) eco-concept store in Bentonville, Arkansas. KPCB is investing $200 million in green technologies to save the planet and make a profit to boot. But, Doerr fears, it may not be enough
Link to Video from TED website

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