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Monday, May 28, 2007

Some comments from Scotsman's Business start up Breakfast.

These are some of the comments made to a group of 100 Entrepreneurs by some of the panel at a breakfast meeting run by the Scotsman newspaper, on growth and the SME. I have met most of these guys and would say that they all have something to valid to say.....
GEOFFREY Thomson is chief executive and co-founder of Braveheart Investment Group. Thomson is well known as a dealmaker and business angel and has written investment columns for the media.
Always give a clear message about your needs
Make sure you deliver your promises
Know where you want to go and how
Show tenacity in dealing with investors
Know your strengths and weaknesses
PAUL Renz is head of Scott-Moncrieff's tax group, which provides corporate tax, personal tax, employer tax, VAT and indirect taxation advice and services to businesses, public sector bodies, charitable organisations and high net worth individuals.
Identify your big idea and value proposition
Surround yourself with motivated and energetic people
Use astute administration to take advantage of tax breaks
Use R&D tax credits to improve profits
Ensure you have services to meet customer demand
JOHN Anderson is a well-known specialist in entrepreneurship and new venture creation in Scotland. He brings considerable experience of emerging and high-growth firms to his role as chief executive of the Entrepreneurial Exchange.
Surround yourself with outstanding people who can identify problems
Identify what you are good at and stick to it
Start fundraising as early as possible
Never lose sight of costs - don't get too fat

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