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Monday, April 23, 2007

The way you mean to start out ? Faith, Morals and company culture

Morals,Faith and Company culture
I was talking to a CEO of an emerging start up company in the Telecom sector, it was a few weeks ago, and we were talking about faith, religion and how they fit into the modern business culture. He told me a story, it was about one of his relations who was running a large company, he told my friend that he would never ask anyone to do anything he would not do himself, and he went on to talk about his secretary, he would never ask her to tell a "white" lie, because if she did, he would never know when she would tell him one or a customer. This got me to thinking about the weeks before you start your first new employee, what culture are they going to meet with when they first join, another way to ask the question how do you want them to represent you in there dealings with customers, suppliers and workmates. I am not going say here what is the correct way to set the culture, because we are all individuals and have our own thoughts and believes, but what I would ask is for you to think about what culture is it you want to run through your company ? then ask your self how are you going to make sure that it develops that way.
You need to be comfortable in your own skin, but you also need to feel comfortable with your company and it's skin. The two need to be the same, for you to work effectively and effortlessly there.

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