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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

VC Pitch Rules

VC Pitch Rules

I found an interesting site by Laura Fitton, (follow the links below) one part that interested me was her rules on pitching I have posted on the challenges of pitching, and these thoughts are very close to my own....
  • Your powerpoint isn't "your presentation"
  • Once you've cut down your presentation to its desired length, take out a few more slides (you won't miss them and neither will the investors you're pitching)
  • Always keep in mind the outcome – your entire presentation should be geared toward serving your audience and the result to which you're trying to drive
  • End by encouraging next steps (rather than the throw away summary "this is the greatest deal ever" slide)
  • Vary your tone, speed, inflection, etc.
  • Don't memorize your speech (Be fluid, live your presentation ,my add lib)

More at the links below, if you think you need your pitch polished and want a proffesional communicator, talk to Laura shes a good lady.....and if you want a test audience.....give me a shout..




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