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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sometimes a good cup off coffee makes you think

Putting up with the Status Quo.

I mentioned in last Mondays Blog that I had been in the Czech Rep for a few days, and I had met with some of the key guys from Foxconn Cz. I was also lucky enough to get a look at there manufacturing operations, hence the comment a good cup off coffee, the walk through got me thinking about my own operations here in Scotland and other sites that I have the opportunity to work for and visit around the world, and it got me thinking about how to improve on what I thought was a good operation.

Coffee is the life blood for an entrepreneur, it helps kick start an early morning, and it prolongs a late evening. I like my coffee, my favorite is blue mountain bean, hand ground, brewed in a percolator, expensive but it tastes great, it is a treat. We changed the coffee here a few weeks ago, it was during the re-org of the company, the other site used to drink "better coffee" where as on this site it was the low cost kind, when I started drinking the new coffee there was something missing, it did not have the same bite as the old coffee and I ended up bringing in my own Alta rica, so where am I going with this you will be asking?.

  • We get used to the status quo, don't push the performance, i.e the same coffee each morning,we accept it.
  • We do not think there may be a better way i.e change the coffee, it may be better.
  • See what's happening elsewhere in other companies get out and see i.e try a wide variety of coffee, there is only one blue mountain coffee bean that is any good, it took me a while to find it.
  • It will take to much resource to do this, a half day trip may bring you 5% improvement in margin and you will have increased your network. i.e you never know who you may meet with in your pursuit for a great cup off coffee.

Well this was just a few thoughts I had this morning, and if you don't take anything away from this at least take this, give your guys and gals a good cup off coffee, it does help in the "wee sma hours"



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