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Thursday, April 05, 2007

An alternative to Plaxo

This is an alternative to Plaxo, www.lyro.com and it looks like it is not as intrusive as Plaxo can be....it may be worth a try..it is in BETA...it will help you improve yor online presence, that is an all important requirment in these days of Web 2.0 and your online connectivity....

Press Release to Blog Publishers
Lyro.com Launches Business Card 2.0New digital business card directory helps users brand themselvesRelease date: March 29, 2007Minneapolis, MN - We're introducing Lyro – the business card 2.0. You are part of a select group of blog owner/publishers that we are inviting to take an early “sneak peek” at lyro. We see your blog as a major delivery vehicle for news and information and hope you'll have a willingness to cover our launch (good or bad).Today, most of us use email and the internet to connect with others and maintain effective business relationships. While a large amount of searchable data on people already exists on the internet, this information is not always well organized, easily locatable, user friendly, or under individual control in terms of what’s displayed and how. It remains difficult to get your hands on the necessary business contact information you need to grow your business, or to help you get more leads and close more deals. Lyro makes it faster and easier for potential customers, business partners, colleagues and acquaintances to search, find, and safely & securely contact each other. Unlike other existing contact management and networking sites, Lyro allows basic business contact information – name, company, job title, address, phone number, and business URL (but not email addresses) – to be freely searched and exchanged over the Web. It also empowers people to control how that data is displayed. LyroMail (our anonymous messaging system) allows users direct contact with each other without disclosing email addresses. "We believe it is the right of individuals to have a say in protecting their privacy while also being able to enjoy the fruits of freely promoting themselves and their business," said Audie Dunham, leader of the lyro team.Lyro is quickly gaining momentum in business circles. “With Lyro, I can get basic information about me out on the Web faster and easier than ever before. People can find me and make direct contact with me without the hassle of going through layers of their network or relying on information from second and third hand sources. Yet, my email address can remain as secure as I choose to make it.” said lyro user Chris Toal, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Amplifon USA / Miracle-Ear®."We aspire to become the world's largest repository of digital business cards – where everybody who’s anybody can be found if they so choose," said Dunham. Lyro is intended to help business people to more effectively brand themselves on the web.###



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