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Monday, February 19, 2007

Future Opportunites

I was thinking over the weekend w.r.t the post I made on "Did you know" for those who did not see that post it was about the explosive growth knowledge and the availability of knowledge and data over the next few years, and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that there will be a mirrored growth in Software and Hardware to support it. I would ask you to have a look at the presentation and think through what it implies, my initial thoughts were what will be the driver's for the projected growth portrayed , as our population grows and matures, it will feed more of that data in to the Internet, through blogs, online chat rooms, discussion sites, social networking sites, this will be one of the drivers, and as marketing groups use more of the social networking sites to perform viral marketing, point in case Plastic Logic, and Volkswagen on youtube.com, for a low cost of entry you can reach millions of viewers this will become more prolific as the months roll on and drive use of the Internet and knowledge.

The key thought I did have was how are we going to make order out of the chaos off data that will flood our screens, PDA's and Smart phones ? Data will stream out and the amount of time that can be taken up by first level streaming and filtering to get to the useful data will be huge this is an area that will see a lot off opportunity for smart data filtering software, which will need to be far more sophisticated than what we or even the government uses to date. The old saying knowledge is power is also a concern, for who can master the data mine and convert to knowledge will have a huge advantage over the those who don't...even today someone who understands the use of Boolean search on Google can extract data that was only imagined 10 years ago by the IT folks. I see a great opportunity for companies involved with data mining software in the near future, who can role out packages for the commercial sector.

I did not touch on data security as that will become another major area for growth, and who knows we all might have a quantum key coded , coder /decoder for our own personal use, just think data be tracked by the photon.....

Well if there are any companies involved in the data mining business needing a coach or mentor let me know, I would be glad to come join you...

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