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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three Words for the New Year

I have three words of blessing for you as 2007 starts ... Happy New Year!
By Michael Sampson http://www.michaelsampson.net/2007/01/three_words_of_.html

Happy ... As in being light of heart, without the heaviness of mourning past mistakes and errors, nor the weight of future disclosure of such things. Forgiveness. A clear conscience. Pure motives. Be happy in this way.
Happy ... As in aligning your life, energies and efforts toward outcomes that are deeply meaningful to you and the people that you are called to work alongside and help. Happy as in setting out to accomplish truly worthwhile goals, however difficult, and seeing that achievement come to pass.
Happy ... As in deep-seated joy at doing the right thing, even when the winds of circumstances and conditions buffet and toss you around. Continuity of effort, and re-doubling thereof, even when it would be (much) easier to give up and go back.
Happy ... As in seeing happiness and joy in the faces of children, and knowing that they are happy because of what you have done and are doing for them.
Happy ... Not as in ease at obtaining everything you want with minimal effort, but rather the awareness that you had to struggle and work hard to obtain that which is truly valuable and worthwhile over the long term. Such happiness develops depth of character, rather than mere superficiality of personality.
New ... As in new challenges that strengthen you and cause you to grow new muscle and power to effect good things in the lives of people around you.
New ... As in new friends and people who will come alongside, to teach you things that you haven't known before, to stretch you so that you become a better and more mature person, to encourage the development of skills and abilities in you that have lain dormant or under-developed.
New ... As in new ideas, concepts and things that are turned from mere idea into concrete reality to benefit people the world over. Perhaps you can do something of such newness in 2007.
New ... As in new perspectives on current pressing problems in your life and the lives of people around you, in order to bring peace, reconciliation, truth, integrity, uprightness and honesty where such things had been in previous short supply.
New ... Not as in new for the mere sake of something new, where what's current and existing is good enough or plenty satisfactory to you and those around about.
Year ... As in 12 opportunities to accomplish great and meaningful things. One a month ...
Year ... As in 365 opportunities to bring light into the life of someone lost in the darkness of despair or depression. To use the resources you have been gifted to lend a helping hand. One a day ...
Year ... As in 8760 opportunities to remember those to whom you owe your station in life ... parents, school teachers, mentors, coaches, employers, employees, friends, God ... to be grateful, to say thank you, to pass on such benefits to others. Every hour ...
Year ... As in 525,600 opportunities to devote yourself to working on what's important, rather than getting caught up in the petty and vain affairs of the moment. Not to waste a minute during 2007 in that which is fleeting, not important or just plain evil.
Year ... As in 31,536,000 seconds in which to live, knowing that each one could you be your last, that life is separated from death by such a tiny measure, and that once your final second on this earth has gone that you will be called upon to give an accounting of your life, and to receive reward or punishment for how you answered the ultimate door knock.

So ... in the spirit of above ... Happy New Year!

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