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Monday, January 22, 2007

Scotsman Article on proposal to reduce the rates burden on small business

I support this fully, we need all the help we can get in this environment, compared to the US and some of the European countries we have a real burden here which is hindering Scotland from growing in the SME sector. I hope to be talking with Andy soon to see what help can be given.
Rates relief call for small firms

The Federation of Small Businesses Scotland is urging the Scottish Executive to double the small business rates relief scheme (SBRRS) in a bid to reduce the rates burden on Scotland's small firms (The Scotsman). The move would see businesses with a rateable value of less than £3,500 effectively removed from the system. Andy Willox, policy convener for FSB Scotland, said: "England introduced a small business rates relief scheme in 2005, and we feel Scotland should again lead the way in small business support by doubling SBRRS, which could make a huge contribution to our business start-up, business sustainability and economic prospects."




Rob Smorfitt said...

I think interventions like these can be useful, but key to SME successs are a wide range of other criteria which are more important. I will post something in this regard on my blog at http://main-spring.blogspot.com

Gordon said...

Hi Rob,

If you follow my posts on the Scotsman and here at my blog you will see I understand that there is a lot to making the SME's succesful in Scotland..not just taxes