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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mechanics and Artists in the start up company

As a company develops there are phases of growth that it must go through, for the MBA stars reading you can look it up, "Revolutions of Change", it is a damming statistic in Scotland that because of poor leadership development companies that do manage to become cash flow positive, usually never grow to more than a 20 staff head count, this has been attributed to the lack of leadership development, the founder or owner has not been able to develop a structure that he was comfortable with that allowed him to let go off some of the strings of power and allow the organization to grow. So where does the Mechanic and the Artist come into the picture, I see that in the early days you need a high level of creativity (Artist) not just from the design teams but across the organization, this changes as a company moves from start up to mature, there then needs to be a level of stability and repeatability in the organization and this comes from the mechanic. The leader needs to look at these changes and plan the strategy of change ahead of the curve, and have the right people and processes in place J.I.T. there then has to be a balance of the Artist and the Mechanic, we will be developing this on Friday guys.

Well for those who need a break have a look at "How to Be Creative" by Hugh Macleod another book about creativity is If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit. Hugh is the guy behind Gapingvoid (“cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”). I saw this on Guys Blog.



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