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Monday, January 15, 2007

Bizzare day and some basic thoughts to help us improve or management styles

I have had a bizarre day today, as the day has a major effect my company I cannot talk about it for a couple of weeks but it was a very bizarre day and it will be a subject all on it's own...

So as it is late in the evening and today has been a long day , by time and distance, I will keep it short tonight,

Walk the Job, how many times have we heard those words and how many times have you buried them with the rest of all those nice thoughts, well take it from me walk the job, talk to the teams and drink coffee with the guys and gals you may learn something, you may not like it but at least you will walk away edified..

told you it was short...

dinner now...and a glass or two of my favorite single malt...some water of life...and I truly need that tonight..



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