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Friday, December 15, 2006

Business is about selling things to people

Business is about selling something to a person

This was something that was driven home to me when I was on vacation, business is all about selling something to a person (Yes I know it's not a new idea but it is something we forget), yes it could be another company but it will be decided by a real flesh and blood person. I spoke about the customer interface in your organisation a few months ago and to walk through the process your customer will maneuver through to buy your product , service. I wonder how many did and what you thought afterwards, many people would think our process is good, but how did you measure it, was it repeat business, customer satisfaction surveys ?. The only reliable way is to talk to the customer face to face.

Is an overly demanding customer good or bad ?

following on from that is the customer from Seoul on a Saturday night experience ? anyone who has sold to that neck of the woods will know what I mean, but you get the customer who wants the Rolls Royce silver shadow and pays the ticket price for a Lada LX200 unloaded. These can be either good for you or bad, these customers will push you hard on every item of your specification, they will want to dig into your quality and testing procedures with a pick and shovel, they will be an irritation to you, but if you can satisfy these guys that your systems are solid and your product/ service is as well you will satisfy anyone. I may not have captured this idea as well as I would like, but difficult customers should be seen as a way to improve your companies performance.

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