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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A timely afternoon post

Penelope Trunk is a gutsy columnist at the Boston Globe. Her syndicated column has run in more than 100 publications including the Wall St. Journal’s Career Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Penelope’s blog, Brazen Careerist, has been featured in publications such as TIME magazine and the London Guardian.
Penelope’s forthcoming book is Brazen Careerist: New Rules for Success (Warner Books, May 2007).
Penelope’s prior experience includes more than ten years in the technology and consumer products industries. She launched new businesses for multinational corporations and founded three of her own companies. Penelope has endured an IPO, a merger and a bankruptcy. She also played professional beach volleyballfor the Boston

This is an article that was very timely for me ....it is an interesting article.. on a skill we all need to improve on as the life cycle of new jobs is reducing dramatically.


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