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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some Honesty for the Entrepreneur

Honesty and the Entrepreneur:

The last few weeks have been hard at work, cash flow, Investor and possible sale and I have drawn some lessons learned from it all.

  • Don't work with a managment team that you are uncomfortable with, you dont need to be best friends but makes sure they are competent, trust worthy and loyal.
  • Don't work with a team that has different end game than yourself, even when things get tough, a leader is not about self preservation, if you are a good leader you will get a new job
  • Money is not the total focus of why you do what you do, neither should it be your fellow leaders
  • When you engage with investors, make sure they are ethical and that your internal sponser is a strong member of there partners team.
  • Be flexible, don't work on things for the sake of it, work on it because it will make a difference, and don't waste your best executives on the same pointless tasks as well.
  • A start up will be like a family after a while, remember what it is like to be a family member
  • Don't waste your life on something that is not going to bring you satisfaction and meaning
  • Treat others as you want to be treated yourself

Well thats enough of a rant, and if you know off anyone looking for senior operations guy then point them in my direction, it's time to get meaning back in my life..



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