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Friday, November 10, 2006

How to Get in TechCrunch / or your start up noticed

An Article by Guy Kawsaki it explians how to get a mention in the techcruch blog, if you don't know about the one place to get noticed..the in place for start up wanabees then this is the place to get noticed...

Guy is currently, the managing director at Garage as well as a husband, father, author, speaker, and hockey addict. he has written eight books. His latest is The Art of the Start. It reflects his experience as an evangelist, entrepreneur, investment banker, and venture capitalist. If you read more of his blog, you’ll discover that he loves mantras (as opposed to mission statements).

His mantra is:
Empower entrepreneurs
I try to do this three or four times a week with my blog, one hundred times a year with my speeches, two to three times a year with Garage’s checkbook, and once every three years or so by writing a book.

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