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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How did Genghis manage his company ?

How did Genghis manage his company

I was thinking as I drove in this morning about the post yesterday on Genghis, I have read and studied the leadership traits of the old and new entrepreneurs to try understand what these guys have and what the majority of us do not. It is early doors yet I have only be researching for the last 5 years, and in the meantime I have been running my own personal experiment with test subject "Me"which is progressing reasonably well, I just have had the added variable of being an operations leader in a variety of distressed or dieing start ups which has given the experiment an extra dimension, those who have been there will understand the challenges.

So to continue we will look at the Old entrepreneurs ,how did these great war leaders manage to hold together great empires spanning half the known world at that time, and direct them, motivate them, reward them. There were no marvels of modern communication, it was communication as fast as the horse or boat could travel, so a message had to have the ability to cope with the time difference between it being written and it being acted upon. These are a few of the thoughts that crossed my mind.

  • These War leaders gave a clear vision statement "Conquer" I do not care how you accomplish it, I leave the tactics to you
  • There was intense training of the "corporate culture" to the front line leaders
  • They recruited the right man for a specific job, not the one with the correct profile or education, just the right man to get the task done.
  • These men for specific jobs were empowered to do what it takes, and took the responsibility of it on there shoulders and executed
  • The great leaders were seen in the field of battle not sitting in there ivory tower's afar off
  • The rewards were for all who were successful and were not for those who were not
  • They only engaged in wars they knew they could win, use other strategies when you think there is a doubt to the outcome
  • They knew that they would have a bunch of happy campers as long as the honey and wine kept flowing ( prosperity)
  • There was an expectancy of continuous improvement, and this was encouraged, through competition and other activities.
  • There was a KPI that kept them driven profit

Well these are some of my thoughts as I drove into work today, we will explore them further on Friday guys and gals in class.



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