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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Starting is easy finishing strong is harder

Starting is easy finishing strong is harder

I was listening to a pastor over the weekend and something he said caught my attention more than usual and it got me to churning the grey matter, the gist of the thoughts were "it is easy to get an idea to build a company around, but to continue can be a lot harder ". I mulled over the last five start ups I have worked for and the others that I have mentored lately, it came through strong and clear again as (I wrote in my early blog entries) you need to have a deep passion for what you do to be successful, and the Passion is not for the "making of money" unless you are printing your own :), but it is for the creating of something new and fresh. There always needs to be the drive to create "meaning" from what you are working on, you need to see the "worth" of what you do this will give you the strength and courage to make your adventure successful.

I have had times in my career where I have lost the vision and focus for a project and only when I have stood back and thought through the "Why" has the picture come back into focus and I have been able to commit myself back into the project. For me there always needs to be a reckoning on what it is costing me personally in life years when I commit to a project and I have found that when I am working with others who have the same thought process and commitment a project will be successful in my interpretation of success.



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